How we work

Meet Our Team

Our president, Jason Black, was interested in creating an LED underwaterlight that attracted fish and what he found while doing his research on LEDs was how remarkably efficient they are when it comes to electric energy. He shifted his focus to work towards promoting the benefits that LEDs have on our health and the environment. Applications of LED lighting in areas such as industrial spaces, commercial spaces, nursing homes, apartments, parking structures, and parking lots to help other people save on their electric utility bills too.

Our Operations Manager, Leslie Kaat, joined the company shortly after it was formed. She is our foremost expert in working with the electrical utility companies to find programs for your LED lighting projects. She also spends a great deal of time researching our products to make sure they are all up to date with the latest certifications to qualify for Electric Utility Rebates. She also coordinates with the Electricians to provide a seamless installation of your new LED lighting project.

At Ryzen Lighting, we’re dedicated to improving the wellness of the planet and its people by providing energy-efficient LED lighting for your workplace.

Finding the Right Team is Important

Give us a call today. We keep it simple by offering one point of contact throughout the entire process. We also provide a comprehensive proposal of the benefits of switching to LED lighting.

Stop paying too much and move half of your electric expenses into the profit margins for your business.

We Do Our Research

Our team will assess your lighting needs. We then put together a comprehensive proposal that looks at your energy cost savings, shows you how you can save money on energy efficient LED lighting, and shows you the payback on your project investment.

Helping You Become More Energy Efficient

Ryzen Lighting takes great care in studying LED technology, managing quality-control, and providing manufacturers warranties; this ensures our products are of the highest quality for our customers.