13w 5″ & 6″ Slope Gimbal Recessed Light Fixture

– The 5″ & 6″ slope gimbal solution has an integrated LED power supply and thermal management system that are combined in a single compact unit designed to fit most standard 5″ & 6″ slope recessed cans.
– Long life LEDs with up to 54,000 hours at 70% lumen maintenance.
– Dimmable to 10% with most dimmers.
– Built in LED driver.
– Compatible with most 6″ slope housings.
– Compatible with insulated, non-insulated and slope ceilings.

Wattage Replacement75w
Color2700K, 3997K
Model Numbers:BRK-LED56-SGR-27K-ECO / BRK-LED56-SGR-4K-ECO

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13w Slope Gimbal Recessed Light Fixture - BRK-LED56-SGR-27K