500w Stadium Light

– This LED stadium light is mostly used for applications such as stadium lighting, road and area lighting, parking decks, auto dealerships, high masts, sports fields and other recreational areas.
– 50,000 hour lifespan and a 5 year manufacturers warranty.
– Non dimming. Dimmable option available.
– 30° beam angle.
– Bracket / Arm Mounting.
– Available options and accessories include, 60°/100° beam angle, 200V-480V driver, slip fitter mounting, and different housing color selections.

Wattage Replacement2000w
Color4000K, 5000K
Model Numbers:BR-FL500W-07-FA-4-[BL,WH,BR,GY,YE,SV]-R3-P[1,2]-U1 / BR-FL500W-07-FA-5-[BL,WH,BR,GY,YE,SV]-R3-P[1,2]-U1

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500w Stadium Light - BR-FL500W-07-FA-5-[BL,WH,BR,GY,YE,SV]-R3-P[1,2]-U1